Soap Collection

“Wash your sins” is an iconic-shaped bar soap’s collection, each one represents a deadly sin.
The project’s main aim is to get people to recognize their own vice and “wash it out” so it can be wrought out and passed. The purifying gesture carries the person to see the “sin” as it gradually consumes itself.

Feeling it slowly pouring between one’s own fingers is the tangible proof of the action’s accomplishment.
Six, the bar soap’s number, since Envy (from the latin in-videre, to glare) is the only sin which hardly reveals itself. This would be a good incentive for the envious person to ponder.

Black, the chosen colour, because “black” and “dirty” is the sin.
Recognizing one’s own guilts is an intimate operation and as it is no one can touch the bar soap before its sinner does, so that it can remain preserved, isolated in the vacuum-sealed bag.
The packaging is sterile and transparent, so that the sin can shamelessly show itself off.


Ph. Emanuele Chiaverini