Manifactured by Fornace De Martino

Coffee tables

A tribute to time, today more sacred than ever, to man and his hands.
A tribute to the earth, generous creator of precious works.

Twins is the result of an intimate process of realization about two coffee tables that are similar but different at the same time: “both bring with them a part of the other. A chromatic play between surface and thickness.”

The thought behind Twins is to explore a territory that still today, since 1400, offers the same land extracted from the same quarries. Narrating the mastery with which this land is combined with water and processed only by hand. Discovering the patience of man while he waits for the wind to dry the clay and finally the sacredness of waiting when each tile, meticulously placed in medieval furnaces, is ready to be cooked exclusively with fire and bundles of firewood.

Three days and three nights of cooking and waking follow one another and man leaves everything in the hands of fate and still today, as once, when the furnace is walled up, a cross is marked in the stone at its entrance, hoping that God will be merciful and that every piece will be perfect.

Since the end of the 15th century, the De Martino family has been working the same clay, with the same technique and in the same quarries, in Rufoli di Ogliara, a small district in Salerno, Italy. The stories of sleepless nights, men and women, the black skies and the burning fires that illuminate the faces of craftsmen faithful to their duties.
It is the life about “two”, about clay and water, about red and blue.
Two that becomes one, like every self-respecting split, that returns silently to the root, to the origin, that is always and only one. The creation is revealed in every work, and Twins comes to life in Rufoli’s clay, because only through the earth and courage, through pure and free form, the desire takes shape.
Ph credits: Emanuele Chiaverini