“It’s not by chance that The Enigma of Beauty | Form and Content draws inspiration from literary and poetic stimuli: from the quote of the great Russian writer and philosopher Fëdor Dostoevskij, “Beauty is an enigma”, or the wise thought of the Chinese philosopher Confucius, “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it”.

Both reflections uphold an idea of beauty as a mysterious whole of Form and Content – indeed – of Aesthetics and Ethics, physical and ideal, of, more than anything else, symmetry and asymmetry, very much in line with the thinking of Charles Beaudelaire: “(…) irregularity, that is the unforeseen, the surprise, the wonder, are an essential part and the very character of beauty”.

All works create an artistic journey within beauty and a sensorial involvement through different materials, compositions, styles and languages, which the artists use to express their personal idea of beauty, non necessarily associated with the body or the feminine, rather as the expression of the variety and complexity of the concept of aesthetics, as the possible enchantment, energy, charm, which can be found in both the tangible and immaterial elements of life, in its brightest, but also in its darkest folds.”


Art curator: Barbara Martusciello


“Moon kiss”

“Ordinary order”