In the city of Rome, a district takes place: cradle of art, architecture and design.

Portuense 201, is an ancient tale of the Roman territory, a strategic “bridge” of connections and a “river” of creativity. A new “place” to discover. Thanks to the will of the heirs, the complex, which is part of an area that extends from the ex Mira Lanza to the ex industrial area of ​​Ostiense, has been entirely recovered by converting the place into a new cultural formula. The rural context has given space to a cultural district where studios and workshops of different kinds are based: art, architecture, design, visual, food design, cinema and crafts.

Millim Studio oversaw the art direction for Portuense 201. Urban microcosm of conception, production and generation of a contemporary aesthetic. The studio has conceived and developed a new visual and aesthetic language capable of interpreting and narrating Portuense 201 as the story of an ancient territory, inserted in a unique and fascinating context, home to culture, art and connections.
Ph credits: Serena Eller Vainicher