The CRC is a center of excellence for the functional and social rehabilitation of people with physical, mental and sensory non-motor impairments.
The client chose Millim Studio for a coaching as creative consultants, with the aim of communicating and narrating with a new aesthetics the values, identity, activities and structure of the Center. “Quality makes the difference”.

The final project is the result of the experience that the studio has acquired in living in those spaces, knowing the faces of those who work there and the people who live it every day. The challenge was very important, in a place lived above all by children with disorders such as: stuttering, autism, dyslexia and other pathologies, we deepened the deeper meaning of the concept of “communication” as an expression of hope, sharing, participation, discovery, growth and freedom.

These messages work together in the story of the soul of the CRC. The intent was to create a participatory project with the whole CRC family. Using alternative tools to canonical communication. “Go beyond words to overcome limits”. Visual communication becomes a tool to free the mind from verbal constraints and leads us into the dimension of the “possible”. It becomes a genuine and spontaneous expression, in which each element blends in perfect harmony, creating unique stories each time.


“Each drawing contains a message,
but if this is not built with
the rules of visual language, the
message is not received and so
there is no visual communication,
there is no communication. “

Bruno Munari, Fantasia