Millim Studio was commissioned by a collective of artists with the aim of building the identity and communicating the essence of the “Arca Collective” project. Visual languages, aesthetic codes and storytelling are the fundamental pillars in building a cultural and artistic identity.

The “Arca Collective” project aims to knock down individual barriers using tales of the power of sharing and inclusion. The concept of “collectivity” refers to the ark or archetype, that is the crew of which we are all a part, substantial and functional, it is the memory of the element thanks to which we can find salvation. Hence also the choice of the itinerant installation in cities and their sea and river ports. “Arca Collective” is therefore a traveling collective installation, consisting of 12 pairs of ribs for a total of 24 elements. The work is configured as the keel of a boat, which allegorically leads back to a huge rib cage. The bone structure, conceived as an organic interpretation, is the primary housing that will house all the other 24 works. Each artist was asked to interpret, through their work, an organ of the human body.

The “Arca Collective” project tells and evolves the concept of “sharing” and “welcoming”. The brackets become a symbol of “inclusion” and “integration”. While the bathymetric map of the Mediterranean reveals its depths and reminds us how each country is united even if divided by the sea. The bathymetric lines tell the life, history and movement of the Mediterranean and its coasts. Unique and unrepeatable is the fingerprint that tells about us and the Earth we inhabit.