Millim Collection

Ph credits: Emanuele Chiaverini


S.U.P. Sport. Utility. Products
A collection inspired by our last trip to the United States. A fusion of genres and moods, from streetstyle and sporty fashion to rap and trap music. The collection S.U.P. lives of visual and tactile impulses. “Poor” and precious materials are processed entirely by hand; foam and brass are put in close relationship; colors, geometries and texts tell the desire for freedom, movement and change. Discover, Universe, Revolution, Your Mind are the words chosen to describe this desire. Four products live in relation to each other and carry the message that has been entrusted to them.

Revolution – sitting
Revolution is the synthesis of S.U.P. a sitting without restrictions on use or on positions. A seat without brakes, free and constantly moving.



Categories: Sitting

Material: Foam and Brass

Dimension: Big 120x50xh50 cm Small 60x50xh50 cm


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