Ph credits: Emanuele Chiaverini


Millim Studio is the Art Director of Offiseria, a new design brand made in Italy.

Since 2016, Millim Studio deals with all aspects related to the product: strategies, study of trends, the selection of designers and projects up to the prototyping phase and launch of the collections. Millim Studio also deals with all aspects of visual communication: from brand identity, to the design of catalogs and packaging, through the e-commerce web-site and photographic styling, to the curation of events, exhibitions and fairs.


“A continuous comparison between experts and generations, Offiseria blends opportunity and curiosity.
A fully-evolved step of manufacturing industry that, through a perfect harmony of solutions proposed by the newest generations of designers, looks at the future of its own tradition and experience. Story goes along innovation, improving designing skills to get perfect results in originality, research, development and quality themes.

Offiseria is high craftsmanship and passion for materials. Craftsmanship is the result of experience, quality, dedication, passion and creativity. Craftsmanship is synonymous with culture, living relationship with its own history and roots. Every product talks about us and wants to tell the world where we come from.”

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