Coordinamento scientifico: Carla Langella

Art editors: Carla Langella, Francesco Dell’Aglio, Giulia Scalera

Manifacturer: Lithho ceramics Italy 

Ph credits: Emanuele Larussa 

Mold vases

The concept is inspired by the asexual reproduction by binary fission of the Diatoms. This model of reproduction is implemented to save energy and resources of the organism, in the same way the project wants to focus on saving the company’s energy and resources by intervening on the production processes. The central theme is to transform the valves of the Diatom into the valve of the mold. Different valves that can be joined together creating asymmetric and different objects, the complexity and rigor of the texture recalls the aesthetic details of these organisms. A family of vases. A new production process. Optimization and savings. The project works on the asymmetry of the mold valves and their combination possibilities. We all know that to make a vase we need two symmetrical valves; for two vases, four symmetrical valves. Instead with the “Level” project, four asymmetrical valves create six different vases. A productivity increase of 200% and a corresponding savings. The in-depth study on the reproduction of Diatoms, has allowed to make precise innovations to the product, optimizing the cost of its production.

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