Landscape is a system of benches.

Each level is independent but the union and the various coupling possibilities make it functional for different environments.
In nature there is no “landscape” exactly like the other, in the same way Landscape is designed to be immediately recognizable but never the same. Landscape is a “sincere” product, which immediately reveals its nature of bench thanks to the reduced thickness of the upholstered furniture and to the dynamic, lean and solid structure.

For the Office and Hotel environments: the system focuses on the concept of “island” with levels and overlaps that give “movement” to the work environment. It is possible to create open areas and reserved areas by playing with the backs.

For Local and Restaurants, however, focuses on the concept of linearity and rhythm. Playing with the geometric repetitions of the backs. Through Landscape we imagined, together with the company Midj in Italy, to translate the meaning of “comfort” into “flexible” and “dynamic”. We have focused on a “smart” system to be experienced in everyday life.

Categories: Benches system

Material: Structure in colored steel and coating in fabric, leather or faux leather

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