FuturDome, via Paisiello, 6 Milano
Party evening: April 19th 8 pm-10 pm
April 17th-21st  10 am – 8 pm
April 22nd 10 am – 6 pm

Milano Design week 2018, Secondome presents “Match”, a meeting-clash between materials and shapes.
Two couple of designers (Millim Studio and Hillsideout), two different approaches to the concept. Marble and plexiglass, bronze and Murano glass, contrasting textures mixing in two objects connected through their differences.

FUSION – Millim Studio
The marble becomes an embracing “mother”.
The matter withdraws to leave space for another matter.
As a magnifying glass, huge transparent cylinders, cross and reveal the heart of marble, mixing with it.
The tale of a fusion, where empty and full mix up.

Interview for Secondome Journal

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